About ShopSafely

ShopSafely is a project from b8ta, owners and operators of 22 experiential retail stores across the United States. As we began to think about what it would take to re-open our own stores safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, we did extensive research on how other retailers were attempting to operate safely during this time.

We were surprised to learn how many procedures were in place, but also how different some retailers were from others. We decided to publish our research here, and we are committed to maintaining this information as things change. Many retailers are updating their policies on a weekly basis.

We hope this site serves as a resource for shoppers, who are making choices around where to shop these days and planning before they leave their homes, and to retailers, who are thinking about re-opening or adjusting their policies.

A few notes on how we approached capturing and scoring retailers:

  • We’ve only captured information that’s available from each retailer’s website. If they’ve published a policy somewhere other than their site, it won’t end up here.
  • Many retailers have suggestions but not requirements, e.g., a suggestion that associates take their temperature before reporting into work. In those cases, we would not consider them as “requiring” a temperature check.
  • The score is calculated only from sanitation/safety procedures, not from convenience factors.
  • Not every factor applies to every retailer, and those variables are excluded from calculating the score. For example, if a retailer has no shopping carts, they cannot be scored on dedicated shopping cart sanitation procedures.

Big thanks to the dedicated team at b8ta for putting this together. It’s been a team effort with hundreds of hours of research and continual monitoring. We hope you find it useful.

Stay safe and informed.

ShopSafely is an initiative to keep you safe.